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Why to choose the best visa consultant for the Spouse Open Work Permit? 

 Being a Canadian Citizen allows you to apply for the Spouse Open Work Permit for your partner. This permit is issued to the spouse or common law partner of a temporary Canadian permit holder. To obtain a Spouse Open Work Permit it is essential to seek the assistance of the best visa consultant for Spouse Open Work Permit Canada. BRIGHTWAY VISA CONSULTANTS provide genuine advice for a smooth application process. Whether it’s confronting the challenges, documenting the relationship, or strategising for a smooth application process, we are here to help you go through all these intricacies of the application seamlessly. 

Reasons why people apply for Spouse Open Work Permit? 

 This enables your partner to work in Canada while waiting for PR. You can live anywhere in Canada with your spouse and you both can contribute for your expenses while earning Canadian dollars. And the most prominent reason why people apply for the Spousal Open Work Permit (SOWP) is that they gain the work experience which helps them enhance their overall working skills and opens up the door to growth and new work opportunities. Living in Canada fosters cultural integration, Spouses can explore multicultural Canadian society. This offers exchange of traditions, experiences, and perspectives. Moreover the common law partner gains protection under the Canadian Laws which provides them the same legal rights and privileges as other residents. This involves protection against discrimination and access to legal recourse if needed. 

 Eligibility criteria 

Below are the general eligibility criteria for applying for a Canada Spouse Open work Permit Visa from India:

  • Individual should be married legally for at least a year 
  • The applicant must have a valid work or study permit 
  • The sponsoring spouse or partner must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada and must be above the age of 18 years 

How BRIGHTWAY VISA CONSULTANTS ensure a smooth spouse open work permit process 

BRIGHTWAY VISA CONSULTANTS have knowledge about the latest immigration regulations and policies. Our experts recognize an individual’s specific situation, considering factors like relationship details, previous immigration history, and any potential challenges. Just in case any unforeseen challenges or issues come up during the application process, we offer solutions and guidance on how to address them effectively. For your hassle free approval for Canada Spouse Open Work Permit  contact us without delay.