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Canada Visa Services


We are the Best Canada Visa Consultants in Ludhiana, Punjab. Brightway Visa also provides services in Patiala, Jalandhar, Chandigarh. They are the perfect combination of professionalism and excellence. BVC helps your dream of getting a Canadian Visa come true. Our Canadian Visa Services are created keeping in mind your immigration needs. Our team provides visa services for many other countries also. We are recognized as the Best Canadian Immigration Consultants. We make sure that your entire Visa Process is carried out in a smooth and easy manner.

Best Visa Consultant in Patiala

We offer the following Visa Services for Canada

Super Visa Services

Canada Super Visa Service helps you to reunite with your family members in Canada. We have a team of trusted consultants who help you to go through the documentation process.

Study Visa Services

Pursue your dream of studying in Canada with our Canada Visa Services. Our agency helps you by providing you with the knowledge of all the courses and universities in detail. Our team helps you in staying updated with the latest rules and regulations.

Immigration to Permanent Residency Services

This service helps your dream of getting a Canadian PR into reality. We have a smooth Canada PR Process and we provide you with the assistance at each and every step.

Spouse Visa Services

You can apply for a Canada Spouse Visa to call your spouse to Canada. Our service makes sure that your visa gets approved.

Visitor Visa Services

Get your Canada Visitor Visa through our consultancy service. We have a team of experts who help you in getting your Visitor Visa.

Why Choose Canada as your dream destination?

Make sure you choose the Best Canada Visa Consultants when you plan to move to Canada. People from India are migrating to Canada due to various reasons. Lifestyle in Canada is liked by many Indian people. They also like the warm and welcoming environment. Following points explain in detail why people from India are moving to Canada.

Quality Education

Canada has many world class educational institutes. They offer various courses in different fields.

High Standard of Living

People in Canada have a very high standard of living. Government looks after the people. Everyone has easy access to healthcare and safety facilities.

Better Economy

Canada has a very large economy which increases the job opportunities for the people. They become financially stable.

Reuniting Families

Many people from India move to Canada to meet and unite with their family and friends who are already living there.

Canada’s job market is very vast, it offers many job opportunities to people. Canada’s own population is very small, so in order to grow its population It is offering visas to people from India.

What makes us the Best Canada Visa Consultants?

We offer our clients Free consultation, check their documents and make the Visa Process easier for them. We tell them about the entire process thoroughly. Our team of Visa Experts help you choose a suitable Visa Category. Following are few points that explain that why you should choose our services:- 

Expert Team

Our team consists of expert Visa Consultants who have years of experience in this field. They guide you at every step of the Visa Process.

Personalized Services

Every client is different and so are their needs. We offer service according to the visa needed by the client and guide them accordingly.

Timely Update

BVC provides you with the update at every step of the Visa Process. Our Visa experts make sure that you get a regular update.

High Success Rate

We have the highest Visa Success rate of our clients. You can fully trust us and achieve your dream of moving to Canada.